Important Resume Considerations

The critical importance of your resume

There is nothing that impacts your life, finances, career, earnings, happiness, and growth more, positively or negatively, than the quality of the resume you use to market yourself to companies. You are faced with dozens of critically important decisions when you prepare a resume. Unfortunately, these are decisions you are rarely going to get right. The problem when it comes to do it yourself resume writing is that you really need to know exactly what information to include and exclude and how employers evaluate resumes and candidates.

The people who evaluate your resume

If you provide too much or the wrong information on your resume you can quickly talk yourself out of the interview. Most resume are quickly rejected when they show up to companies. The overall look and format of a resume is very important, but this one factor of many that what will influence an employer to follow up and call you. Job seekers who make their own resume include content and information they believe is correct and helpful, but they almost always get it wrong.

Most resume writers do not understand

There is a lot of strategy that goes into preparing an effective resume. Hiring managers, recruiters, and HR people see things from a different perspective when reviewing resumes and candidates. Most resume writers do not have a background in HR/staffing, recruiting, hiring, etc. This experience is critically important. For the few that do have this experience, they rarely take the time to explain important factors because it requires extra work.

Think of yourself as a business owner

Your resume is a sales brochure or marketing piece. It is no different than what companies use to sell a product or service. Most job seekers do not think of resumes in these terms. You must think of yourself as self-employed. Businesses know how important marketing material is so they have entire marketing departments or they hire a marketing firm to help ensure that what they use to represent their brand is exceptional. Never represent yourself with anything other than a professionally prepared resume.

You are investing in professional advice

Resume Impact writers invest the time to give you honest and straightforward advice on how to strategically package your work history, job titles, and every other item on your resume based on how employers make decisions. Most resume services would rather just produce a document that qualifies as a resume and have you move on. They will not take the time to give you advice because they either do not understand or it creates more work.