Resume Impact Resume Service FAQs

Why not do it myself?

Hiring research confirms that a person increases their chances of being contacted by recruiters, getting the interview, and securing a new job with a professionally prepared resume. Do not limit your job options with a do-it-yourself resume.

Why is the price so low?

We are a full-time resume service unlike most. Resumes are all we do so we can support more clients, higher volume, and be more competitively priced. All resume services found through job sites outsource your resume so they have to mark it up.

How are you so fast?

We have never been late on our next day first draft delivery. Our ability to produce a quality resume quickly is a result of a focused team effort. We have written tens of thousands of resumes and we are experts at writing and packaging resumes.

What's your experience?

We have all been in the trenches of HR and recruiting for years and have sat across the desk from hiring managers reviewing thousands of resumes. This knowledge is critical for preparing an effective resume that gets excellent results.

How is info gathered?

Information can be gathered through current/past resumes, questionnaire, profiles, email, etc. We do not collect all information verbally due to accuracy issues. We will fully understand your new job goals and we never get resumes wrong.

How should I decide?

If you boil down all of the choices you have for resume services, you are left with only a few options. Most advertisements you are seeing are fly-by-night, part-time, foreign-based, over-priced, and resume builders are a waste of money.

Are there guarantees?

Nobody can guarantee you interviews or a new job as some services claim, and you will not be able to meet the requirements for a refund from these companies. If you have any changes we will make them until you are 100% completely satisfied.

Do you offer samples?

Our staff has reviewed hundreds of resume samples from other resume services. The poor quality leaves us in disbelief that they display them publicly. We do not help resume writing services by providing examples of high quality resumes.

Will we really get it?

You may wonder if we will understand what you are trying to accomplish. We will. We are incredibly savvy in all job functions, careers, and industries. We know what to include, exclude, and highlight to make sure you stand out against others.