Resume Impact Resume Writing Process

1. Hire Professional Resume Writing Service

Leaders in every business and industry know that action is the foundational key to success. You are either moving forward or backwards. There is no middle ground. Growth comes by intentionally stepping out of your zone of comfort and taking action towards your goals. We reward people for making the wise decision to have their resume prepared by doing an outstanding job for each one of them. Take action and progress faster and higher.

2. Gather Information, Understand Job Goals

Each resume we design and write includes new and upgraded information, descriptions, summaries, bullet points, and other valuable content that employers must see. We provide advice on every aspect of your resume from top to bottom. We will need to obtain basic details relating to work history, education, etc. This can easily be accomplished with...

  • Current or past resumes often have most of the information that is needed.
  • A simple questionnaire can be completed on our website or sent by email.
  • Business profiles and other documents can be used to provide information.
  • We just need very basic details to create an exceptional resume document.

3. Review, Strategize, Provide Needed Advice

Once we receive your information we will know exactly how to package every aspect of your new resume based on your employment goals and how HR, recruiters, and hiring managers evaluate resumes and candidates. Most resume services do not take the time to provide advice on critical resume and job search factors including what information to include or exclude. It is important to know that the people who will receive, review, and make a decision regarding your resume look at things from a different perspective. We know what these things are from years of hiring and employment related experience.

4. Strategic Resume Writing & Development

After receiving and understanding your information and providing any needed advice we fully utilize our extensive knowledge in employment, hiring, recruiting, and resume writing to structure a high quality document that achieves the desired results. Each resume is written and formatted by a highly qualified team of certified and professional writers.

  • High impact, impressive, and engaging professional presentation that grabs attention.
  • Important advice on what to include, exclude, or restructure throughout your resume.
  • Strategically crafted job descriptions, summaries, competencies, header, and wording.
  • Targeted content and a powerful, appealing, and inviting presentation format / layout.
  • Carefully selected, structured, and optimized resume information and critical sections.
  • Integration of current resume presentation strategies that impress the top employers.

5. Quality Review, Finalize, Present for Review

Customers receive the completed resume for review the next business day after receiving all of the information required to complete the resume. We welcome feedback, questions, suggestions, and changes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will rewrite your resume.