Resume Impact Reviews and Feedback

Hi, I am completely thrilled with the job you have done, brilliant, fabulous. Thank you.
Tom F., Medical Sales Rep

I want to thank you for your services! I have accepted a position that will point my career into financial services for the future. I was recruited after posting my new resume, and after 4 rounds of interviews, I was selected to join ateam for a new position in my area! thanks to you all of you!!
Mindy O., Financial Planner

Thank you so much! They look great! Best Regards,
Carol M., Administrative Assistant

Wow! You've sincerely left me speechless, and that's pretty hard to do. Who is that woman? I want to hire her! Thank You,
Carla F., Policy Analyst

Again, Thank you so much for your expertise and time. I think this resume is excellent, and I don't want to change a thing. I want to thank you and Robert for the excellent work. You are awesome at what you do. I'm actually amazed that you can make MY resume' actually sound like I am professional and intelligent. I honestly could NEVER have completed anything like this!! Matter of fact, I'd hire me! I so look forward to the response I feel confident I will recieve. I believe it won't be long now until I get a great new position, and I'll have you both to thank! I will most definantly pass this around to anyone I know looking for this type of service. Again, thank you.
Vic D., Med Technologies

Thank You, You folks do the best. You did an excellent job especially with my hand writing. Thanks EXCELLENT WORK.
Dan G., Minister

I think the resume & cover letters are wonderful!!! Thank you very, very much. I plan to refer you guys out to friends that are also retiring who can use your excellent services. Wishing you both the Merriest of Christmas's and a Happy New Year to you and families.
Michael T., Programmer

They look great! I look forward to using them! thanks!
Trevor N., Account Manager

I have reviewed my resume in its entirety. It looks great and I want to thank you for your excellent work.
Kelly F., Paralegal

Thank you so much. I think it looks great. I am starting to use it now. Thanks.
Ron J., Senior Accountant

I am very impressed by your immediate correspondence and timely updates. I was hesitant about spending the money to have my resume redone, but you have already made me feel very confident in my decision. I look forward to receiving the finished product. I will try to do my best to edit my resume per your instructions, but am reassured by your website's promise of a free review that I can run any edits by you in the future. Thank you for being so awesome at what you do. If I could tip you after the receipt of my resume, chances are I would! Sincerely impressed, Later: WOW, it is outstanding.
Bill G., Property Manager

Thank you very much. I think it looks great. I don't think that we need to revise anything on this, we should leave it the way it is. Have a wonderful day. Respectfully,
Jimmy G., , Customer Service Mgr

It looks great. I'm very pleased. It's a huge difference from what I submitted. Thank you.
April T., Office Manager

This turned out better than I ever could have done, Thank you.
David R., Operations Manager

This is PERFECT!!!! Love it!!!!! I am so happy. My friend saw it and says she will be contacting you when she gets her money together. She was very impressed as am I. You rock!!!! Thanks again.
Janine F., Media Buyer

Thank You. This looks awesome. Can't thank you enough.
George E., Safety Inspector

Thank you for the quick response. The resume looks great and portrays exactly what I wanted to express. I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family.
Kelly H., HSE Manager

Thank you. The newly revised resume looks great!
Anant K., Sr. Financial Analyst

Thank you so much it looks great!!!!
Sam U., Accounting Intern

You really did a wonderful job and I am very satisfied how you created my resume. After reading this I can just say ~ Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! This is really professionally done and in those several emails you encouraged me extremely and I am sure that I will find a job! You did a wonderful and polished resume. Thank you very much for your time and professionalism. Anyhow I shall contact you in the future too if I have another resume need for myself. And I know my boyfriend will also need a professionally prepared resume so we`ll contact you soon regarding his case. With confidence and a great pleasure I`ll recommend your service to anybody who is in a similar situation as I was and in need of professional resume assistance. With hundreds of thank you I wish you a nice weekend.
Pamela G., Promotions Manager

Thank you. My resume looks great! I am very pleased with it.
Jennifer C., VP of Operations

Thank you so much it looks great!! I can't wait to submit it to the employers!
Carla T., Office Manager

I'm very pleased - thank you very much! I also appreciate the commentary in the lengthy email you wrote. Thanks for your help telling my story.
Doug T., OEM Program Manager

I will use your company again in a heartbeat. In fact may be sending you my other sons resume to update also. His is a little harder as all he has ever done is temp jobs. Trying to get on at the Copper Mine here in Tucson.
Kelly M., Industrial Mechanic

Thank you for taking care of my business with my resume I received all my documents and as far as I can tell they look wonderful. Take care and have a Great Day!!!!
Sue K., Dental Assistant

Process Complete. Thank you for all of your time and effort. Your work is fantastic. I have already referred you to a couple of my friends. Thank you again and have a great day. Sincerely,
Ken T., Retail VP

I appreciate your feedback. I will certainly use your services in the future and will recommend my co-workers and peers to contact you too. Thank you so much for your professional advice. Greatly appreciated,
Calvin K., Orlando, FL, Nurse Supervisor

Everything is great! I am very happy with the work you have done and will definitely refer you to other people. When I saw the resume all I could say was "WOW".
Jeff V., IT Director

Hello, I hope all is well. Wow the presentation of the resume is awesome. The context and how professional and well written it is amazing. Thank you so much and I am very pleased with the completed draft. Thanks to all of your staff u are all awesome.
Raymond R., Project Manager

These documents are absolutely brilliant! This is the best $89 I've ever spent! Thank you so much! I'm sure to tell everyone I know about this great service!
Joshua C., Loan / HAMP Manager

The resume and letters are so good that I want to hire me! No changes needed. This was a great investment and I will spread the word. Best regards,
Dan M., Technical Writer

Wow, that's great. As of now I do not have any changes. I was told I would also receive a cover letter and thank you letter is that something you prepare? Thank you.
Bob D., Purchasing Manager

I just reviewed my new resume and all I can say is WOW. I would like to thank you and your team for your hard work and I will definitely recommend ResumeImpact to my friends, family and co-workers. Thank You.
Laura B. Technical Support Rep

I'm impressed! Thank everyone for putting together such a fantastic resume! This was definitely worth the money and my initial first thought after reading my new resume was "I would even hire me!". Sincerely,
Frank B., Operations Manager

This looks great! You've made my current, not-so-exciting job sound more impressive than I ever could. I like the changes you've made to the formatting, as well. I've got a handful of jobs to apply for today, so hopefully my new and improved resume will bring success quickly. I received a lot of compliments from my previous resume, and I've been recommending your service to several co-workers. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
Richard M., MARCOM Manager

The resume you created is better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for all your help. The resume you created has restored my optimism that I can actually find a career I love in this job market. Sincerely,
Robin Y. Account Manager

I think it's absolutely brilliant and I don't want to change a thing. You guys really nailed down everything I wanted to say or thought but didn't know how to form it into words. I am really impressed. I will certainly be recommending you guys.
Robert R., Marketing Associate

Thank you compiling all the info I sent and creatively writing a resume. Plus thank you for the "Job Search Lifecycle eBook" -- very helpful...Appreciate being in touch with you and this particular service.
Kelly J., Administrative Assistant

It looks fantastic! Best investment I could make right now! I truly appreciate the end result. This is the first time in 22 years that I have been unemployed and I have have only had two employers in the last 20 years. Your advice and suggestions are invaluable, and I feel confident that I won't be in the job market for long thanks to the product your company delivered. I am a very satisfied customer!
Christina B., Sr. Accountant

I almost fell out of my chair when I received my resume back because it is "Exceptionally Superior" to whatever I had or could have done on my own. I am excited about putting my resume on-line for jobs because I know it will stand out and be among the top resumes for interviews. Your service is quick, highly professional and the price is unbelievable for what you get in return. I very much appreciate my updated professional resume that I know will get me the job I want. I will report back to you on my success. My only regret is that I wish I had come to you sooner. "Thanks a Million" for what you have done for me and my resume. Truly Grateful,
Joan E., Event Coordinator

Thank you! I am very pleased with your work!
Kevin W., Account Manager

I am thrilled with the resume that you prepared for me. It has already gotten me an interview which is in 2 weeks and calls for 2 other interviews. This resume is far more professional than anything I could have done and worth every dime. Thank you so much again,
Tim N., Clinical Pharmacist

I was WOWED by the results of the resume you created for me!! You really know how to showcase a person's talents and skills! Thank you again for the wonderful job on my resume. I should have utilized your services ten months ago!!
Christopher E., Marketing Analyst

I love the resume! Thanks for the great cover letter, resume, and thank you letter!
Amaida D., Loan Underwriter

Thanks again!!!!!! I received the final cut today and so far it looks amazing. WOW is all I can say. Thanks so much for the due diligence… You guys are awesome and I will definitely recommend you to all the people I know. Regards,
Vince C., VP of Technology

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your fast and reliable service. Best regards
Cristina L., Biotechnology Scientist

I love the resume!
Angela M., Credit Analyst

Thank you so much for your great work. My resume, cover letter and thank you letter all look so professional. I cant wait to start my job search using the new resume. I will certainly recommend your company and services to others. All the best,
Rebecca H., HR Generalist

Hi, The resume is looking good. Thanks
Zhuo L., Mortgage Loan Closer

I am very pleased with this second draft and would like for this to be the final draft. Thank you so very much for your assistance with my resume. I can not thank you enough. I look forward to hearing from you soon with the final draft in PDF format as well as the cover letter. Thank you again and I hope you have a great day.
Susan B., Office Manager

This looks really good. I am very happy that I chose your company to help me with my resume.
Dan K., Project Manager

Wow, even I would hire me now. Job Well Done!! I send you my heartfelt appreciation. Best money I ever spent. Kindest Regards,
Terry S., VP of Sales and Marketing

Thank you very much for the upgraded resume, which looks excellent. Resume looks really good. Sincerely,
Gayle K., Research Scientist

Hey, The resume is outstanding!! Thank you so much.
Warren C., Security Officer

I like it!! The resume is more concise and easy reading. Should have done this weeks ago :-). Thanks,
Kim T., Administrative Assistant

Looks great - thanks so much. This was painless and worth the money - now I look really good on paper too! I'll let you know how it works. Thank you very much for your help with this,
Irene D., Director of Special Events

I received the revised resume. I do like what you've done, especially the introduction. I'm quite satisfied with your work. It's of great value to have this work done by someone who understands the industry. I agree that the original was much longer than it should be. As I said, I'm quite satisfied with your work. I appreciate the extra effort. You're the best!
Robert H., Regional Sales Manager

Thank you so much. I'm pleased with the layout and I feel the opening introduction is a great attention getter. Feel free to use me as a reference for your services. It was well worth the money. Thanks again,
Vicki E., High School Teacher

Beautifully done! Thank you.
Yvonne O., Loan Officer / Underwriter

You are awesome!!!
Kathy H., Logistics Analyst

I think that "name"’s new resume looks fantastic and I will definitely refer your services to my candidates who are in need of direction. In fact, being new to the recruiting world, my resume could use a revamp-and that’s putting it nicely.
Laura N., Professional Recruiter

Hi: Wanted to let you know that you did a terrific reorganization of my resume, highlighting my strengths that I struggled to explain in my original resume. Thank you.
Carole S., IT Program Manager

Thank you! It looks great! I appreciate your input!
Richard K., Dispatch / Truck Driver

I just want to thank you very much for revising my Resume. I had no clue on how to put one together. This looks very professional. Thank you once again for your service. You guys ROCK!!
Matthew M., Waiter

Thank you, I am very impressed with the end product.
Richard B., School Administrator

I’m very impressed, and more importantly, my potential employer should be as well. Thank you.
Doug F., Benefits Administrator

WOW!! Thank you very much!!
Tracy K., Registered Nurse

Thanks very much for the immediate, much-improved-looking, and cost effective re-structuring of my resumé, frankly, exceeding my expectations to a level bordering on astonishment!
Jeff D., Director of Sales

Thank you for the revision! I think overall it’s a big improvement. Thanks again for the first class, and affordable work. I will refer to your site and resources regularly.
Mike K., Automotive Mechanic

I thought my resume needed updating and was a little skeptical at first just sending it to some place. But I made some suggestions on things I wanted fit in, and they did a spectacular job of almost reinventing my resume! Good job!
Kevin W., VP of Sales and Service

Thanks a lot. It looks really good. Can you please resend the link to that Resume posting. Many thanks!
Ed B., Product Marketing Engr

I'm impressed - this looks very good. Thank You.
Dan C., Legal Assistant

Thank you for excellent service. I am very pleased to say the least. Hopefully this will open some doors to the right job!!!
Evan G., Retail Manager

Thank you so much! I was really impressed with the new resume and how quickly I got the revised resume back. I will highly recommend this to my friends.
Kathleen Q., Travel Agent

I cannot find words to express my appreciation of how pleased I am; not only with your quick turn around, but also with the way you have laid out my resume. You have made my day; you made me feel like a Rock Star! Moreover, Thank you kindly. Sincerely,
Ted S., Hotel General Manager

Excellent work!
Ying X., Electronics Design Engineer

Fantastic! What a great value. Much appreciated. Regards,
Rich K., VP of Operations

Thank you so much for my revised resume. I was very happy with the results and feel that the new updated resume should make my job search a lot easier. I had been using my resume for the past six months with no results; so I am hoping my new resume will make a difference. It looks so much more professional!! Thank you again ---- it also was very affordable!!
Harriet D., Executive Assistant

Last week you revamped my resume and did a terrific job with it; the end result, quick turnaround and reasonable cost - I wish I had known about this service sooner. Best Regards,
Charles P., Photographer

Dear Resume Editors, Thank you very much for your wonderful service. Thank you indeed.
Anuga K., X-ray Technician

Thanks! Nice work. I'm not quite sure how you do it for so little, but you have one happy customer.
Paul R., Compensation Analyst

I received my new resume and I am pleased. Do you also have an award winning cover letter service?
James H., Auto Mechanic

I want to thank you very much for your quick and brilliant service. I love it and will recommend to my friends. I highly appreciate your help and will be in need of your help in the future. thank you!
Pravin U., Biotech Research Scientist

I really liked the resume that you revised for me. It looked great.
Brian O., Music Director

It's perfect. Thank you for a wonderful job. Best Regards,
Tina N., Insurance Sales / Producer

This resume is EXCELLENT!!! Your are first rate and I thank you very much…I will refer you to anyone looking for a resume.
Bill G., Teacher Aide

Thank you. You did a wonderful job with my Resume. I like it. And I have a great tool to use if I need modifications. If you need me to add to say how great your service is you can count on me.
Robert T., Automotive Technician

Thank you! I like the revisions and the new look of my resume. Hope it helps me to gain more interviews!
Michael B., Physical Therapist

Thank you very much. I like my new resume a lot!
Almut J., Medical Biller / Coder

Just wanted to write and say thanks! After 6 months of fruitless job hunting on my own, I purchased your resume service. I received a request for a phone interview the day after my resume was distributed. In less than three weeks it led directly to an offer for a senior engineering position in an up-and-coming nanotech company...with stock options! Was it worth the money? Absolutely every penny! Thanks again.
Michael H., Design Engineer

Thank you! It looks good!
Jehruk R., Marketing Analyst

Appreciate truly for your excellent job, time and effort.
Vincent R., Bookkeeper

From my friend recommendation, he keeps receiving very good feedback from plenty of interviews within a week after he got an updated resume from your company. I see much impressive improvement you have made for him. Therefore, I am really interested in your service and would love to have you review and gloss up my resume as well.
Carat I., District Manager

WOW! Thank you for this super jump-start and refocus.
Chris S., Product Marketing Director

Thanks a lot for the good work!! Will surely mail back if I need any additional help with the resume.
Sunil B., Technology Project Engineer

Thousand thanks for my resume. It's perfect! I just have no words. Very best wishes to you!
Lev P., Assistant Store Manager

Thank you so much! The new resume looks great.
Paul C., Graphic Designer

Thank you! It's gorgeous, and thank you in particular for finding a solution to my issue of the without salary appointment I've been working at for the past several years. Thanks again.
Helen G., Teacher

Thank you so much for my "tune-up". Everything looks great!
Jack W., Online Marketing

Hi, I used your website to tune my resume before and you did an excellent job!
Yimin X., Electrical Engineer

Dear Sir, Thanks for the tune up. I am very satisfied.
Oliver C., Social Services Associate

Dear Career Services, Thanks a lot! It's wonderful!
Marlena M., Senior SW Engineer

A friend recommended your resume service to help update my resume. As a Human Resources professional, I have seen many resumes over the years and I have to say I was very impressed. I am excited for a little revamping of my resume and once I receive it I will forward the information to my recruiters for reference. Thank you in advance.
Lisa S., HR Staffing/Recruiter

I am so very pleased with my resume you revised. I am especially pleased with the "core competencies" you addressed as well as my employment objectives. Very well done. My resumes looks even more professional.
Juan S., Materials Manager

My Resume has truly been revamped! I am in the process of relocating, and job searching, so this is a load off of my shoulders. I will feel much more confident now applying for jobs with this stellar representation of myself! Thank you so much for your time and services.
Elizabeth M., Payroll Administrator

Wow, you realize you could easily increase your fee, don't you?! This is excellent work, thank you!!
Stephen B., F&B Manager

Resume looks good. Thanks for your help. Great job.
Samuel L., Clinic Service Specialist

WOW... What a change... I am very pleased with the resume and the cost of getting it done makes it a tremendous value. As a sales person, the marketing material for the "product" (in this case me) is so important to getting you in front of the right customers and the right people at those customers. I am sure this resume is going to make a big difference! Regards,
Tony A., Account Executive

Thank you so much. The results were very quick, and look professional and creative. Terrific service.
Joy A., Product Design Engineer

I received the e-mail. Thank you for your help. I will definitely recommend your service to others.
Melinda S., Office Manager/Assistant

Thanks for doing the resume, looks great. A job well done. Thanks again,
Connie J., Office Mgr / Bookkeeper

Resume looks good. Thanks for your help.
Scott S., Warehouse Worker

Wow!!!!! You hooked my resume up big time!!!! Wow!!! You are the best!!! Many thanks.
Ron L., Surgical Technician

Again, thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you from the beginning to the end of this job. I will definitely refer and use your service again. Thanks for the best wishes with my search. Have a great day!
DeLisa J., Government Affairs

Wow, after reading this resume I would hire "me"! Everything looks good. One question and I believe I already think I know the answer, how come you left off my "" experience? Is it better to speak about that job if asked? Thank You so much for your time.
Linda T., Production Planner

Thank for the final resume in word and PDF formats and the final cover letter and final thank you letter. The cover letters and resume look great. I feel confident that your help producing these professional job search documents my search will go well. Thank you again. Happy holidays and wishing the best for your New Year and family.
David M., Environmental Consultant

I love my resume. It looks professionally written. That's what I wanted! Thanks.
Jean C., Operations Manager / GM

Hello, I received the new resume and am very pleased with it, to say the least. I have an interview tomorrow & 1 on Monday, so the timing is perfect. Will let you know how it goes. Once again, thank you for the excellent job. Sincerely
Debra J., Sales Executive

Thanks very very much. I really am impressed with the finished product. I would never have been able to do that for myself.
Wendy R., Medical Practice Manager

Thank You, everything looks great. I appreciate the time you took to help me and tell your team that I appreciate their time as well. Thanks again, Sincerely,
Joe V., Accounting Supervisor

Thank you! I think it looks great! It nas a niced polished look to it. Very nice. Regards
Paul F., Personal Assistant
The documents look great! Thanks for everything. It would've taken me several drafts, 2-3 pots of coffee, a bottle of Tylenol and 3-4 reviews from friends, family, coworkers, and supervisors to get half the product you have produced. Thanks again for a super product! Thanks!
Jay G., Security Specialist

First glance....WOW!!! Fantastic! This is unbelievable. I am so very happy and will be adding to the many great testimonials on the website....more than I thought I was going to get. THATS FOR SURE!!! Well done. Thanks again so much! I am sending my friend your way.
Val J., Sr. Sales Representative

Thank you very much for the resume and cover letter they look amazing. I have set right to work posting them to job boards. Wish me luck. Thanks!
Rober E., Financial Analyst

This is wonderful and thank you. I am glad I reached out to y'all or assistance. Your expertise in this area is really appreciated.
Kenny S., VP of Sales and Marketing

The resume and cover letter look awesome.....I had to read it twice to make sure it was my resume...You did an awesome job. Thanks you!
Christian F., Safety Manager

Hi, It looks great! I am blow away at what an awesome job you did. I know I could never have done this. I am so thankful I found your firm. Thank You,
Terry S., Registered Nurse

Everything looks great. I was worried that I would come off sounding like an administrative assistant but I do not. Thank you so much you have done a wonderful job. Thank you again,
Carol Z., Admin / Event Coordinator

Thank you. The resume and letters look fantastic! I’ve submitted for three openings today since receiving these documents. I will share your contact information with my friends who are also transitioning from military to civilian sector.
Brody S., Field Engineer

Wow! As you well know your skills to identify the expertise in someone are exceptional. I can't believe you were able to create something so concise and targeted. I am more than pleased with the outcome of both documents. Thank you so much!
Laura T., Instructor

Hi, You just completed a resume for my husband ... The resume looks great and the cover letter is perfect. Thank you so much. future son-in-law's name is .... I have uploaded his resume for you to work your magic. Long story short, I am trying to help him get a job at my company ...
Carol J., Marketing / PR Manager

All I can say is wow! I am quite happy with the result. My thanks to all that contributed. Thank you again for all of your help and the efforts of all involved in making this a very satisfying experience. You can rest assured that I will recommend the services of your company to anyone that could use your help or services that you provide. Again, I thank all for doing a wonderful job that was delivered as promised. It's really nice to do business with a company that delivers what they promise Sincerely,
Paul G., Medical Technician

Thank you very much. These look great!
Timothy K., IT Business Analyst

They look great!!! Nice job!
Robert S., CSR / Manager

Thank You for the excellent writing of my resume. I can't wait to start sending off.
Kelly J., Regional Sales Manager

Thank you so much, I think my resume looks excellent!
Barb G., Office Manager

This looks fantastic! Thank you so much! I will definitely have a lot more confidence applying for jobs now. Cheers,
Carole G., Admissions Rep

WOW! I love the redo! And I'm going to send my husband over to you as well. Be on the lookout for his information. Thank you again!
Mariel K., Software Dev't Manager

Thank you for your time and for the cover letter and thank you letters. I am very pleased with how the resume reads, and would recommend your service to others. Now lets hope it helps me find that "perfect" job! PS Also, thank you for the job search lifecycle ebook!
Kelly T., Event Planner/Sales

Karen, The resume, cover letter and thank you letter all look great! I'm going to recommend ResumeImpact to anyone and everyone I know that may need their resume re worked. You guys rock! Thanks,
Mark K., Account Manager

Hi Christina, It looks great! Thanks! Make It A Great Day!
Verna S., Registered Nurse

It is excellent... Thank You
Paul D., Software Engineer

Thank You for my NEW resume! Whosoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well!
Gabby T., Social Worker

I can't thank you enough for all your efforts on my behalf. I am merely one of .... that are currently on .... status from ... I am going onto our Facebook page and telling EVERYONE what a SPECTACULAR job you guys have done for me. I could not be more pleased........your detailed analysis, explanations and experience in guiding me through this "process" has been invaluable. Clearly you understand what potential employers are looking for and that translates into your final product. I had contemplated going through a couple of other online Resume services that were more specific/specialized to my industry, but I realise now going through your company was DEFINITELY the right move! Kudo's to you especially, and everyone at your company. I am beyond thrilled with the end result! Thank you again for all your hard work. You are TRULY "TALENTED" :) Many thanks & best regards,
Kenneth G., Flight Attendant

Thank you, it looks great. I know you don't know all the specifics of what I have done and am amazed at the level of accuracy this portrays me for the most part. I welcome any additional questions or feedback.
Kent A., Production Manager

Just want to say thanks for your support prompt attention to the writing of my resume. I received the drafts and they look great!!!. Thanks again,
Paul S., CSR II

Thank you, I have reviewed my Resume, Cover, and Thank You letters and I am pleased with the results. Again, thank you very much for the Professional Service and you have earned a new customer. I would definitely recommend your services to others. Best wishes,
Charles V., Medical Sales Rep

I am truly impressed with you and your team at ResumeImpact. I sent over some suggestions to Christina this morning. It's a good feeling to go into this job search confident and putting my best foot forward. A strong resume is especially important in media as I ultimately sell the power of word. Thanks again! More feedback later on.......this resume is incredible! I almost cant believe it's ME. Your contemporary layout and substantive content is refreshing and impactful. Thanks again for all your hard work and enthusiasm with my resume!
Paul B., Advertising Sales Executive

Thanks..looks great!
Geoff M., Channel Sales Rep

Hello, Thank you for your great work on this. The resume looks great! The cover and thank you letters are perfect. Many thanks for your work on this!
Henry F., Operations Manager

I have reviewed my resume and I like it. Thank you for the quick turnaround and will let you know if I need anything else. Sincerely,
Jordan N., Senior IT PM

Hello, I am absolutely impressed with the magic you worked with my resume! It's fantastic! Once again everything looks wonderful and I can't wait to start circulating the new me.
Jennifer B., Medical Office Manager

Just want to let you all know that I am so thankful for you guys. My resume is "Amazing" and I feel so blessed to have found your service online. I would recommend your service to all my family and friends, etc. I love the format and wording and everything else too. Now I know that I will not have any problem landing an awesome job. Keep up the excellent work that you all do!!! Thanks!
Sara W., Business Analyst looks great! I am so thankful for your resume writing service. Sincerely,
Tina T., Law Enforcement

Hey, I am so excited that "" has refered me to you guys. This resume is wonderful. Thanks so much!
Kelly S., HR Assistant

Kim A., Good evening, I want to thank you for all of your help. The resume looks great. Please let himeknow that he was right and I am glad I went with you guys!. Sincerely,
Terry L., Inside Sales Manager

Thank you so much I love the resume. Hope to get the job I always wanted. And I will recommend you guys to all my friends. thanks a million.
Lisa N., Case Manager

I just wanted to thank you for doing an beautiful job on my resume. Best regards,
Paul G., Desktop Support Manager

Thank you for taking the time out to explain that to me. I completely understand now. With that being said I think my resume looks and sounds amazing! Thanks so much for your help.
Tracy Z., Software Developer

Thank You!!!! You have done an amazing job with my resume package!!!
Victor S., Project Manager

OK, here is the deal. Because of you, I have 2 !!! huge interviews in the next few days. Just can't thank you enough!!
Bruce Z., Sr. Account Manager

I am so thankful for how you have constructed my resume.
Jennifer M., Medical Technician

Efficient, professional, expert service provided with excellent customer care. I will be sure to give referrals. Thanks again,
Sue M., Certified Public Accountant

Thank you very much for the work that was done to improve my resume. It went beyond my expectations and I'm sure will be a deciding factor in my future job opportunities. You will be recommended to friends, family and co-workers.
Tim C., Caterer / Restaurant Manager

Thanks indeed, this is a wonderfully drawn resume. The work done on my resume is so impressive, I've gotten my friend hooked and you will be hearing from him soon. Thanks indeed.
Joshua D., Laboratory Associate

I cannot tell you how impressed I am. This is a first class job! I thank you so much! What is the time limit on this service? Does it include fax and email? Once again, Thank You. You are a true professional! Thank you.
David Z., Electronic Technician

Thank you so much for all your hard work and help. I am very pleased with your work ethic. I will be emailing these out to him tonight, thanks to you!
Sandra G., Para-professional

Everything looks awesome. Thank you so very much.
Christopher E., Laboratory Assistant

I love it......
Nick S., Professional Chef

Thank you for the beautiful changes to the resume, I love them. No corrections needed after proofreeding. Thanks sincerely for all of your professional help. Best regards,
Tabatha M., Pharmacy Technician

Wow. I knew I needed some help to get a good resume. I almost didn't recognize who you were talking about. This is excellent and I am anxious to see how quickly it will work.
Michelle G., Lead Software Engineer

Hey! This looks great. Is there a good way for me to highlight, in the education section, that I currently have a 4.0 GPA? I have worked very hard to maintain an A average while working fulltime and would like to highlight this accomplishment. I'm still reading through the resume, but this looks awesome so far.
Maury W., Systems Engineer

WOW! I love it. Thank you for all of your help and will stay in touch. You can send the Word doc. and pdf. ASAP. Kind regards,
Avery L., Senior Sales Consultant

That all looks goods to me. I really appreciate the help and timely fashion. I will be suggesting you guys if anyone asks if I know where to have a resume made.
Matthew O., Warehousing/Laborer

I originally made a payment on behalf of my aunt, ....., for her resume. She was so pleased with your service that her husband, ....., would like to redo his resume as well. Please send all inquiries to ....
Marcia M., Architect

The resume looks good. I am still in awe that you were able to wordsmith it in a way that I don't recognize myself while recognizing that I actually did do all of these things.
Nicole S., Trainer / Facilitator

Good Morning, Now I want to hire me!!! Thanks for the great job. I don't see any changes that I would like to make. If you could just send me the final, cover letter and thank you letter I will start my journey! I appreciate all of your help!
Daria A., Front Office Manager

Everything looks great! Thanks,
Gregory H., Financial Analyst

Thank you, and the team, for the resume and cover letter. I will be sending you two potential customers. ( My husband) and a register nurse.
Jacki D., RN / Nurse Manager

I'm very happy with the outcome. I'm referring my husband for your resume services. Thanks again!
Cherry N., Area Nurse Manager

Thank you! You did a phenomenal job with my resume. I got some great feedback on it at a job fair yesterday. I've recommended your service to several other people, since I was so pleased with the results.
Susan K., Marketing Specialist

This is an amazing, fantastic resume!! It's perfect! I want to thank you for the hardwork you put into creating my resume. You had so little to work with but the end result was remarkable and in record time! I'm telling everyone I know about this company!
Thea L., Medical Coordinator

Great job! You really brought out my skills! It looks really sharp. I am ready to finalize! Thank you so much for your advice and your help is very much appreciated!
Elma V., Account Representative

Thanks for forwarding the draft sales resume. It has come out well. Good job done. (4 resumes purchased for family)
Anil M., Engineering Manager/Sales

It looks excellent! Money well spent. Everyone thinks the resume is awesome! Thanks again and, of course I will recommend your service.
James W., Calibration Specialist

Thank you, I love the cover letter and Resume. I sincerely appreciate the work done and trying to help me understand the process. Everything looks and sounds very professional which is what I want. Great job!
Roxanne C., Registered Nurse

Thank you so much! I wish I would have found you guys earlier. Looks great! I have already recommended you to a couple coworkers so hopefully you will hear from them.
Lianne W. Education Advisor

Wow, this resume is perfect. You can send final draft. Thanks.
Tammy S., Medical Tech

Thank you as you folks did a great job!
Robert V., Sales Executive

WOWEE! It looks AWESOME! No revisions necessary. Could you only send me the WORD doc. - no need to PDF it. Thanks for making this resume look powerful! Looking forward to the cover letter. Thanks so much!!
Sheri K., Media Producer

Very nice! Looks great! :)
Ganyon G., Property Manager

Thank you so much! Everything looks wonderful!
Sara H., VP of Engineering

Everything is fine and I am very impressed. You guys are awesome! This is beautiful! I love it! Again thank you for providing a great service. I come away very impressed and will refer you all if I ever know of someone that could benefit from using your service.
Robert R., Sales Account Manager

Thank you for your fine work. I have been trying to rewrite this resume for over 60 days without success and your first draft is exactly what I was hoping to have. Thank you! I'm completely thrilled.
Curt E., Programming Manager

This is unbelievable…and so fast!!!! Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!!!!!!
Robin O., VP of Human Resources

Looks great to me. Thanks.
Marie D., Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Thanks again for a nice job!
Jeff J., Controller

Thank you for your hard work. I cannot believe the difference from my draft to yours. You have nailed my past experiences. I'm sure this is going to open up doors for me. Thanks.
Charles M., Skilled Trades

I looks great!!! Thank you.
Gary S., Sales Associate / Manager

I had a few interviews already and the recruiters love the resume, they thought it looked very professional. I am hopeful I will soon gain another job, thank you for following up with me. I appreciate it alot. Thanks
Merissa F., Relationship Mgr

Nobody has anything critical to say about the resume. I get comments like “beautiful”, and “solid” from those that read it for style and content. I’m starting to distribute it. I have received one “headhunter” call in response to the resume already. It may be working.
Dale M., IS Director

Thank you for the fantastic work. I greatly appreciate it and know I couldn't have done this myself. I will recommend your service to others. Thank you, again.
Norma H., Accounting Manager

I think it looks great! I am happy with what you have put together and will be recommending your services to a few of my good friends. Thanks,
Jennifer R, Marketing Analyst

I love the work you have done on my resume, it looks fantastic! So many ideas I did not even think of using. It’s wonderful. Thank you,
Cindy C., Admin/Data Processing

I would just like to say that your wonderful work on my resume must have put me ahead of the other candidates. After receiving my resume and submitting it, within two days I have since been interviewed and offered the job of my dreams. Thanks Again,
Paul T., Construction Worker

Thank you very much Christina. This process has been very pleasant and pain free. Regards,
Melanie H., Customer Service Assoc.

Wow I'm very impressed. I'm not sure what I'd change about it, looks very good to me. Emphasizes everything that I wanted and clearly explains my background. I'm definitely mostly interested in corporate communications and marketing, so I'm happy that those are at the forefront of the resume. Thank you very much for your help on this. I really don't know what I would alter on it, and look forward to the final product! Thanks,
Molly A., Branch Services Assoc.

I am extremely very happy with my resume and cover letter. You did an excellent job and I will definitely recommend your services to everyone. Thanks again for all your help and for the great service you provided for me.
Gregory V., Event/Ops Manager

This looks great. I think you did an outstanding job. Way better then what I had been using. Thanks,
Shane W., Sales Representative

Thank you for the nice resume you wrote for me. Many employers liked my resume and I will definitely in touch with you to update it according to my new work experience. I am happy that I chose you for my resume writing. Thank you,
Reddy B., Staff Accountant

I LOVE how my resume looks, I can't wait to send it too a job posting today! Sincerely,
Brian S., Medical Assistant

Please send just like it is. I can't thank you enough. It looks awesome. Thanks.
David M., Retail Store Manager

Thanks for such a wonderful job on the resume!
Terry W., Installation Technician

This is absolutely fabulous. i am totally thrilled. i just had a huge tooth pulled so i will review it tomorrow when i feel better. but i can't thank you enough!!!! beautiful job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brenda P., Medical Technologist

Thanks for the quick response! I have a lot of unemployed friends that were in the mortgage industry with me over the years and could really use a service like this. I will definitely recommend you guys. I am thoroughly impressed with the whole process thus far. I’m not sure the guy who wrote it originally chose the best verbiage to describe everything, especially after reading that incredible summary! Thanks again!
James H., Branch Operations Mgr

I've reviewed the draft and it is very impressive! I'm very excited to receive the final copies. I will start using this resume and cover letter tonight!!! I am also recommending your services to friends who've hit writers block like myself.
Darnyell H., Customer Support Rep

Thank You. I'm pleased with your work and definitely will refer people in need of your services to you. I'll keep you posted should I have success landing a job with your created resume. Respectfully,
Hovsep B., Doctor / Physician

I want to thank you for your time and fixing up my resume. It looks great. I will come to you for any resume things that may come up in the future. Have a good evening and again thank you. Sincerely,
Dave L., Accounting Auditor

You're awesome! Thank you for your patience! It looks perfect. I can't thank you enough and again am so pleased.
Nicole F., Human / Social Worker

"I'm very very satisfied with the results"
William B., Educational Support

The resume is beautiful!!!, Thank you,
Jacquie H., Administrative Assistant

Thank you the first draft, it looks fantastic, you were really able to capture what I could not fully do with my draft, just perfect. I am a very happy customer. Best regards,
MaShawnda G., Housekeeper

Hi, Great work with the first draft. It is a vast improvement over the original. We had no changes so unless you had something else to add, we approve this draft. Thanks so much, I'll be sending anyone else I know who needs a resume revamp your way.
Kim T., Human Resources Generalist

Thank You! Resume is excellent I want to thank you for your hard work!!, Best Regards,
Jeremy S., Store Manager

Now this is a RESUME! All jobs I worked for and the description of duties are very detailed in this resume. Thanks Again,
Charles J., Operations Manager

This is perfect. Thank you so much…needed an objective look to pull together all my clumsy sections. Better believe I will be referring others to your very reasonable, swift and professional service.
Joan W., HR Manager

Based on this resume - I would hire me. This was probably one of the best investments i ever made in using your service. If/when I get a job using this resume - I will wire you flowers showing my appreciation (seriously).
Richard U., Sales Analyst

Thank you so much for all of your help with my resume. I especially want to tell you how grateful I am for the tips and information you gave me regarding how far back my work history should go this is something I was not aware of. Thank you again for all of you help and being so patient with me. Sincerely,
Tonya P., Laboratory Technician

Good morning, This looks fantastic. I'm very happy with it.
Rick E., Senior Financial Analyst

I am very happy and pleased with the final work (Resume) completed. I am very grateful to you and your company for the fine work done. I am so happy I came across your company for the help I was looking for. I want to say thank very much from the bottom of my heart. Regards,
Claudia B., Administrative Assistant

Thanks for the first draft of my resume. You have done a masterful job. I am completely satisfied with the job you have done on my resume.
Charles H., Senior Attorney

My God that looks good.
Adam E., Victim Specialist

Looks great. Thank you. Ready for final.
Noelle P., Bus Dev Manager

Great job! Thank you so much for all your great efforts!!
Hector B., Mechanical Engineer

I am just amazed at what you have done for me in such a short period of time!! Thanks so much for taking my old resume and turning it into such a work of art! Again, I thank you so much for your time and expertise!
Christie V., Veterinary Technician

Everything looks really good and after reading it, I’d hire me if I was an employer. That’s how good you made me sound.
Sheryl S., HR Generalist/Recruiter

Hello, Thank you for a great resume, I really appreciate your professionalism and will always be honored to use your services again and will not hesitate refering friends to your firm. Happy Holidays to all of you. Sincerely
Ajaj L., IT Project Manager

Hi there-Wow- you guys are amazing!!!!! It looks incredible! So much better, thank you so much!!!!!!!! Thanks again and I greatly appreciate the excellent job you all have done!
Margaret B., Catering Manager

This is perfect! I can't thank you enough for the great job and the quick turnaround. You were correct, it was a VERY pleasant experience. I'm sorry that I waited so long!
Annette M., Director, Prod Mgt

I went kicking and screaming, but I finally get it! This is spectacular!
Mark D., Regional Sales Manager

It is Fantastic! Thank You!
Debbie W., Advertising Executive

Excellent job! I'll be sure to tell my friends and family about your resume service. I feel like I lucked out find you guys!
Carla M., Sale/Finance Mgr

Thank you so much. My resume looks great!! What an improvement.
Debbie S., School Administrator

BRAVO!!!!!! Thank you!
Christine C., Business Analyst
Thank you, This is very exciting. Please be sure to give my thanks to your team as well! Everything looks fantastic. Having my resume prepared certainly gets one thing out of the way for me. I have already told my friends & coworkers about the service. They will be contacting you soon. Regards,
Paula S., HR Manager

This is excellent! Thank you very much! You have taken a great burden off my shoulders. I hate trying to figure out what to write about myself.
Frank H., Biotech / Lab Manager

Thank you very much for the resume, cover letter and thank you letters. I am very happy with the service so far!!!!
Sally F., Administrative Assistant

Thank you very much. I am very impressed with these deliverables and certainly see value in the same. Best Regards,
George T., IT Project Manager

Thank you, I love it... now just hoping it gets me hired!
Maddy T., Director of Sales

Please see attached my resume. You just updated my husband's resume and I was so impressed with the job you did I thought I should get mine updated. I am not currently actively looking for employment but just thought it would be nice to get my resume updated.
Tara P., Operations Manager

Thanks for the resume it looks great. Thanks for your help. I will be recommending your service to those who need it. Thanks Again. Have a Great Day!
Mike P., Retail Manager

This past July I had submitted my payment/request for the Resume Writing Service, and you were assigned my resume to re-write and I would just like to say thank you so much. I have had so many job offers and have been told by more than one employer how they are impressed with my resume. I greatly appreciate your services/writing talent and will highly recommend your services to friends/family and co-workers. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!! Anne R., Admin Assistant

I have to hand it to you, Christina, my resume looks AWESOME! You have played a major role in saving my professional career! I can't thank you enough! THANK YOU for all of your hard work and effort in working to get may resume back to me so that I can make the 11:59pm deadline. Bless you!
Tammy F., School Social Worker

Hi, thank you so much. they look great!! If i have any questions, I will ask you.
Paul G., VP of Sales

Thank you very much. Everything looks great!!!! I'm very excited, comfortable, and encouraged to start applying for positions. Next day... THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I HAVE TWO INTERVIEWS ALREADY!!!!
Jennifer K., Transportation Manager

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!
Jason V., Sr. Sales Manager

I have reviewed the resume you created for me & I can say with-out doubt; it's right on the spot for what my needs are. I don't think there is anything that needs to be added or edited. Thank you once again for you hard work. p.s. - I will let you know as soon as I land my need job with the help of your services. Sincerely,
Paul C., VP of Engineering

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!
Heather L., Teacher

This looks great!!! Thank you for your help....yes it looks great!!
Bill K., Account Manager

I think it looks great! Thank you so much!
Penny P., Waiter

Thank you for my resume, cover letter, and thank you letter. I guess I have never actually seen a professional resume so I am a bit overwhelmed with it. I love the cover and thank you letter. I will be submmitting this to a few companies I have been interested in and I really hope this is just the help I needed. Thank you again.
Annette C., Operations Manager

Thank you Robert! I got the resume. It looks great, so much better! I appreciate your help on it.
Amy P., Account Manager

Hi, I just looked over everything and it all looks great. Thanks to you and Robert for all the help and fast completion of my resume. Thanks again,
Geoff G., Car Mechanic

Good Morning, I wanted to THANK YOU for such a beautiful resume that you did for me. The reume was definitely a " WOW " and I don't know of anyone who could have done a better job. When I found Resume Stagers on line I definitely did my homework. Words can't even begin to explain. Have a wonderful week and again Thank You!
Trisha J., Case Manager

Thank you very much!! This is fantastic!!!
Beth T., Registered Nurse

Hi, Thank you! My resume looks great!!!!, Regards,
Julie V., Medical Records Manager

The resume looks GREAT!!!!
Kenneth C., Safety Manager

Thank you and the rest of the team for doing a wonderful job on my resume, cover letter and thank you letter. I guess I was not very good at writing these and hope that now I will be able to obtain a job with a professional looking resume. I can't express enough appreciation to all of you. Thank you again,
Jennifer T., Med Technician

Thank again for the top notch job with the resume.
David G., Retail Vice President

Thanks it looks really sharp!
Tim K., Security Analyst

Thank you to everyone who contributed! You have done a wonderful job of highlighting all my skills and experiences and packaging them in a way which will hopefully open some doors. I am very grateful for your assistance, as being unemployed is a very scary place to be and I now have some hope that I may not be here for much longer. You have done exactly as you promised and I am very pleased by the results. My sincerest thanks,
Ted H., HR Coordinator

The resume looks great. I do not see anything that needs changing/editing. Thank you for your service.
Kelly G., MARCOM Manager

The resume, cover letter and thank you letter look great. I would of not been able to do my own resume any justice after looking how well you have done them for me. It was as if you knew exactly what job I was doing and how to word it correctly. Thank you. Thanks for this great looking resume.
Scott M., Retail Manager

Hi, I love the resume! Thank you so much for your work.
Michelle D., Registered Nurse

Good morning Karen. My resume looks great!!! Thank you...Sent from my iPhone
Felicia H., RN/Supervisor

Thanks you so much! You will forever be in my contacts. Your company did a wonderful job!
Jennifer C., Program Auditor

WOW! You guys really make me look good! This is extremely well done. Fantastic job! Thanks again for a first-class job. Perfect. You guys are simply the best. I will definitely be referring clients your way. Working with you has been a wonderful experience! Deciding to use your service was certainly a worthwhile investment.
Kimberly B., HR Director

The resume looks great. Thanks so much for everything.
Sherri B., General Ops Manager

Hi, Your team did an impressive job with my resume. Thank You. Word of mouth is the best advertising...I WILL definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues.
Kelly C., District Sales Manager

Thank you! The transformation is positively incredible! Sincerely,
James F., Director of IT

Thank you for the resume. I like it! Again, thank you for your service.
Connie J., Event Planner

Outstanding quality and service. This is a very professional resume. Everything is outstanding and wonderful and I look forward to the final along with cover and thank you letters. Thanks soo much and I will tell others about this outstanding company!!!
Brian T., IT Technical Support

All I can say is WOW, I now have the confidence to compete with anyone for any job at any company! When people say if you need something done right, do it yourself, they don't realize professionals, like yourself, can save you time and give you the confidence to compete in this job market. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I have family and friends who wonder why I paid for my resume to be revised; they don't realize higher education doesn't make you an expert in everything. Everything looks flawless! Thanks again, now time to get a new suit!
Faisal V., Public Affairs Officer

I think that ResumeImpact did an excellent job rewriting my resume. I too believe that I can now get interviewed for positions because you incorporated the keywords and phrases that employers are expecting. I am very pleased with your work and will not apply for another job until after I receive the finished document from you guys. I now think that the other jobs that I applied for are toast after viewing what employers really want.
John N., Financial Analyst

Hello, Thank you so much for the attention given to my resume. You have saved me countless hours and aggravation I would have face trying to do this myself and still not do it as professionally as you did. I am very pleased with the way it was prepared. I want to thank your company for doing this promptly as promised and looking forward to sending this out early this week.
Tony T., Manufacturing Manager

I have reviewed the resume and I love the format. I feel as if my other one was written by a child now.
Dawn S., Staff Accountant

Excellent work on the resume, I'm very impressed. I've reviewed it several times and at the moment there aren't any changes I'd like to make. Go ahead and finalized this draft of it. For now, I'd like to keep both titles on the resume for my current position. I can modify it later if need be. My thanks to you and your partners for doing such a great job! Your service was quick and very professional!
Christopher H., Project Manager

I really love the service your company provides. I have never gotten such a quick turn around like this with anything before. You have done a great job, I will be sure to refer your company to my friends. Thank You.
Nevin D., Marketing Associate

Thank you for your fast turnaround and your professionalism.
Juan W., Business Analyst

Thanks it looks great and I really appreciate the fast, honest service....I was a little scared about using a service like this over the internet but I will absolutely recommend all my out of work friends!!!!
Allen D., Social Services Worker

Wasn't sure what to expect for the price but am completely blown away. My sincerest thanks.
Deborah B., Operations Manager

Thank you all for your great service and fast turnaround. I already have two colleagues who are interested in using your service. Again, thanks.
Jim M., Loss Mitigation Counselor

Thank You. It's perfect. Send me the final copy now and cover letter.
Matt O., Store Manager

I am tremendously impressed by this. I have no changes. I wish I would have found your service a long time ago. I would have a new job by now.
Donald W., Admissions Counselor

Great job. Thank you for giving it a professional look.
Robert T., Sales Manager

Thank you very much for my revised resume. It looks absolutely amazing. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone. However, i forgot to include my MBA in Finance attained from "college" in Raleigh, NC in April, 2009. Can you please include it in my resume. Overall, this is GREAT. Sincerely,
William T., Finance Manager

Thank you, you did a great job.
Carla A., National Account Manager

I really liked the resume that you revised for me. It looks great.
Bob O., Restaurant Manager

You did such a wonderful job on my boyfriend's resume. I had to let you do mine as well.
Tina L., Sales and Marketing Manager

Thank you very much, you did a great job.
Frank M., System Administrator

Thank you very much for the upgraded resume, which looks excellent. Resume looks really good.
Georgi K., Research Scientist

Hi, Thank you sooo much. This looks fantastic. Hope this gets me a better job! regards,
Veena V., Healthcare PM

Excellent job!! I love your service!! I will recommend your services on my facebook page. Thank you!!! I like the focus taken off of the computer support so I don't seem so over qualified for a receptionist job now!!! Thank you very much!!
Lisa M., Administrative Assistant

I really didn't think my resume could be improved that much. I'm really glad I decided to do this. Thanks.
Adam M., Sr. Retail Associate

This looks AMAZING! Your team is truly professional and I could have NEVER done this on my own. Thank You!
Rebekah B., Aviation CSR

I love it. I could be a brain surgeon before I could write a resume. I PROMISE to recommend you every chance that I get. I am so impressed. I wish the best to all of you....I'll let you know how it goes on the job search. Thank You for doing this insurmountable task for me.
Nita B., HSE / Production Manager

The resume looks amazing!!!! Makes me sound like I am made of kryptonite, I love it! This rocks!! Let do this!! Looks great I am pleased go ahead and finalize thanks so much.
Anne O., General Manager

Wow!! Looks great thanks for all your help! Have a wonderful day!
Anastacia J., Outreach Coordinator

Thank you, it looks and sounds outstanding!
Gary W., Pilot

It looks amazing. I love it. Please proceed. Thank you again.
Luwam T., Customer Service Rep

I think it looks great. I'm very pleased. Thank you.
Bowen L., Golf Course Superintendent

So far I cannot see anything but perfection! lol Thanks a bunch....
Tiffany B., Office Manager

Thank you. I think it looks wonderful. You guys are awesome. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much!
Desiree M., Accounting Practice Manager

Thank you so much! Your advice is invaluable to me and I really appreciate your time! I sent my (final) resume to my ex-husband, who is an attorney and a fabulous proof reader. He said "Looks perfect to me, and much improved." You have been wonderful to work with and I can't thank you enough for all of you professional help! I'm sending you a referral this week. Her name is ... Have a great week!
Robin B., Medical Device Sales Rep

Thank you very much. I appreciate the great work.
Bryan E., Medical Sales Rep

I love it!!! Don’t have any changes. How long before I get the final copy?
Shelia M., Admissions Director

Wow it is awesome! WOW I'm so impressed! Thank you, Tina
Tina C., Medical Assistant

It looks really good. You captured all of my skills. Thanks so much.
Shan M, IT Project Manager

I am very pleased with the resume. I can not believe how good it looks. Thank you.
Heather S., Inventory Coordinator.

Resume draft looks great!!!! Better than the resume that I had done years ago. Thanks for creating a great and professional resume. Sent 2 resume out and in less than a week I already have 2 interviews set up for the criminal justice field. I have friends who now want their resume updated and I recommended you and your company. Thanks again for your service.
Don B., Law Enforcement Officer

What a wonderful change. I love it! Please finalize the process.
Blanca S. Administrative Assistant

Thank you, you have been great. Thanks for the super job. You are a gem.
Tara V., Expeditor/Customer Service

A little over a month ago you redid my resume and it worked great. I sent it out to a dozen or so people and got 4 replies. I got 5 job offers in all and took the one I really wanted. Just wanted to say thank you for the help. Will be sending my daughter in for her resume hope you can work your voodoo on her. Have a great weekend.
Forrest B., Superintendent

Great job! I immediately sent this to a company I’ve been pursuing and they called me within one hour and I have an interview Monday afternoon. Thank you!
Wendy F., Senior A/R Specialist

I am going to go with the first draft as you suggested. The final resume looks great, thank you.
Jack G., Retail Manager

LOVE it!!! Amazing! I could have never done that myself! Thank you!! Worth every penny!
Lyssa P., Respiratory Therapist

Thank you for the quick turnaround. I only had one tiny edit (in the areas of strengths). This looks fantastic. Thank you so much!
Kim B., Technology Program Manager

Outstanding! You've all done a fabulous job. And, yes, you may use this use this resume as an example of your fine work. Incidentally, I would love to see what you've done on the cover letter. The resume has given me confidence in immediately applying for a position. Thank you. Sincerely,
Maureen G., Counselor / Teacher

You were not kidding around. WOW! 100 times better in just the first draft. Someone told me today you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you know and what you have done over the past 12 years. Well, you guys found a way to capture exactly what I was looking for. This is impactful, catchy and full of conversational activity. Thank you so much. I will spend the morning looking through one more time but if you don’t hear from me by Noon-ET I would say finalize this bad boy. Thank you so much for the straight talk, professional approach and without a doubt the mind boggling turnaround time. I look forward to chatting about my corner office soon!!!
Greg H., VP of Client Services

I am so sorry it has taken so long for me to review the resume. The resume looks great! Thank you.
Sandra H., PC Technician

This looks WONDERFUL!!! Wow, you did a great job! Personally, I don't see any changes that need to be made. This looks great! Thanks again,
Clyde R., Medical Sales Representative

I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful job. It will be my pleasure to recommend your services to anyone who asks. I will let you know how I do. My very best to you and Robert.
Fred E., Chief Finance Officer

Thank you for an awesome job on my resume!!!!! I'm looking forward to the cover letter.
Jacqueline D., Registered Nurse

The resume is beautiful much better than anything I could have ever copied off the internet. The resume is fabulous, I am beyond satisfied with it.
Nerissa M., Staff Accountant

It looks great, thank you!
Heather A., Director of Regulatory Affairs

Excellent! Thank you very much! Say a prayer for me!
Shaina F., Retail Sales Management

It looks amazing!!!!! It's perfect! Thank you so much. I am beyond happy with it.
Ryane K., Events Coordinator

Thanks for the resume, I love the changes you made. I will not be making any changes so you can go ahead and make this resume the final draft and write my cover letter as well.
Theresia M., Research Scientist

I am more than happy with this resume. It looks wonderful. Thanks very much for your hardwork with helping me out.
Lance V., IT Business Analyst

WOW! This sure beats trying to do it ourselves! We are extremely pleased with the resume and look forward to seeing the cover letter. Thank you again for such a great job! Regards,
Leanne J., Administrative Assistant

This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had to rework my resume.
Robert E., Accountant

The resume and cover letter look fantastic. I thank you so much for your time and effort. I have given a referral to my boyfriend who will be using your company’s services as well. I think we all tend to get a little too comfortable in our routine and find the task of updating our resumes overwhelming. It seems the formats change through the years so having a professional update it is well worth it. I did not think that at 54 years of age I would find myself in the market for a new job, but it is a strange world we live in. I thank you for the well wishes in my endeavors.
Benita M., Sales Account Manager

Looks very good. I showed it to a few people you may hear from.
Allen B., HSE Specialist

Thank you for your kind words. And I also want to thank you for doing such a great job on my resume and cover letter. It was nice working with you. Have a great weekend!
Denise B., Claims Processor

Thanks for helping me out in my time of need. It looks good!
Suja S., RN / Registered Nurse

Thank you for all your help on my resume, very pleased thank you again.
Christine F., Healthcare Business Analyst

I love the resume....!!! It is awesome....Thank You So Very Much for All Your Help!!!!!
Denise C., HR / Training Manager

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